CytoSorbents has developed an exciting product development pipeline based upon its novel biocompatible porous polymer bead technology platform.  These include:


CytoSorb® – Approved in the E.U. under CE Mark and distributed in 75 countries worldwide with more than 200,000 devices utilized over the past decade, CytoSorb helps to control deadly inflammation by reducing cytokines, toxins, bilirubin, myoglobin, and other inflammatory mediators in the blood of critically-ill or cardiac surgery patients.  CytoSorb is also CE Mark approved to reduce the blood thinners, ticagrelor and rivaroxaban during cardiothoracic surgery.

ECOS-300CY® – Approved in the E.U. for cytokine removal during ex vivo organ perfusion in solid organ transplant, such as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Represents a method to rehabilitate substandard organs, helping to increase the donor pool of available organs for transplant. Early data from clinical practice suggests the potential for better outcomes including better organ function, reduced primary graft dysfunction, and improved survival.

VetResQ® – Commercially available in the U.S. for the veterinary market, to treat drug intoxication, sepsis, pancreatitis, heat stroke, leptospirosis, and other applications .

Under Development:

  • DrugSorb™-ATR – Removes a broad range of antithrombotic drugs, or blood thinners, during cardiothoracic surgery as a strategy to reduce perioperative bleeding risk caused by these agents. Topline results from the pivotal U.S. and Canada STAR-T RCT, for the removal of Brilinta®, are expected at the end of 2023. If positive, the Company plans to submit for U.S. FDA and Health Canada regulatory approval in early 2024
  • HemoDefend-BGA™ – Enabling the production of Universal Plasma – plasma that can be administered to anyone irrespective of blood-type
  • CytoSorb-XL™ – Represents the next generation of CytoSorb, that includes the ability to remove lipopolysaccharide (LPS) endotoxin
  • HemoDefend-RBC™ – Improving the quality and safety of the blood supply by reducing antibodies, cytokines, free hemoglobin, bioactive lipids, and other contaminants that can  cause transfusion reactions and adverse events
  • K+ontrol™ – Designed to treat severe hyperkalemia by reducing excessive potassium from blood
  • ContrastSorb™–  Removes intravenous imaging contrast from the blood of patients undergoing CT scans and/or interventional radiology procedures in order to reduce the risk of contrast dye-induced nephropathy and kidney failure
  • DrugSorb™– Targets the improvement of outcomes in drug overdose by actively removing drugs and medications from the blood
  • Others

CytoSorbents has established relationships with industry-leading partners including Fresenius, B Braun, Terumo, and Biocon.

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CytoSorbents seeks partnerships and collaborations with industry leaders in a variety of different verticals, including blood purification, critical care and acute care medicine, cardiac surgery, immunotherapy, and others.

For Partnering Inquiries, please contact:
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Business Development
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